Performing Arts Ministry

"Can You See What I'm Saying"

Can You See What I'm Saying Performing Arts Ministry writes and performs Christian plays that are a visual aid to enlighten people about the Word of God.

All current plays have been written by our president under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. All plays are based on the Word of the God. Plays are performed in full costume complete with scenery, props and sound effects.

Upon request, we will come to your church to direct and assist your members in performing any of our plays. Cast members will consist of your church membership. If need be, we will provide additional cast members. Plays can also be performed by this ministry upon request. The length of a performance is determined by which play is being performed. Plays are available for performance at any location.

All play manuscripts are available for performance by your church group for a licensing fee. This license would require you to supply props, costumes and music for your performance. Sound Effects may be supplied for an additional fee. Also, directing may be added for an additional fee. Please contact us for bookings.

Our Productions

"The Second Coming"
A two hour play depicting Christ's return.

"A Tale of Two Worlds"
A one hour play depicting the birth of Christ. This play can be performed in conjunction with its sequel, "The Return".

"The Return"
The sequel of "A Tale of Two Worlds", this one hour play depicts the ascension of Christ after the resurrection.

"The Tomb"
A twenty to twenty-five minute play about the resurrection of Christ (usually performed by youth).

"Three In One"
A thirty to forty-five minute play about the birth, death, rebirth and growth of the spirit man.

"Jack In The Box"
A two hour play about the ability to overcome.

A two hour play about being in the army of the Lord.

"A Love Song"
A two hour play about the bride of Christ.