The Wrong/Right Way


Many times God gives us a directive and we think that it is the wrong way to go because we are looking at it through our natural eyes. God tells us to go left and we know that our house is on the right. Our perception of the directive is that it has to be wrong. We will say I just went there yesterday and I had to go to the right. Going to the left to get back to the right does not make sense to us and it seems as if God is taking us out of our way to reach the desired destination. God knows that what we perceive to be the wrong way is actually the right way for us to go.

You would not think that when God told Moses to camp by the Red Sea that this would be the right way to go. The land of the Philistines was closer and what seemed to be an easier route to travel. God had a short cut that the Israelites could not see with their natural eyes. This is why they murmured and complained as many of us do. When God opens our eyes to actually see the miraculous route he has provided, we will be happy to know that we have traveled the wrong/right way.

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  1. Nice Pastor I can see the spirit of God growing in your life. I thank God for you being apart of my life!!!

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